Affordable IT Support Services in Vernon and Surrounding Area

Here at Bassani Tech we believe in affordable IT services for otherwise neglected local small businesses. There seems to be no options for businesses that don’t require the full gambit of large corporate IT managed services. As a small or medium business in B.C ourselves, we get it. Process, clarity, saving time, these are all things that are top priorities for any business. Anything that can throw a wrench into your day takes away from what’s really important– helping you build your business and support your own clients.

With Bassani Tech IT Support, you have a partner to support you, your staff, and your IT. No matter the urgency, time of day, or technology issue that arises. We keep you remaining functional to meet the needs of your clients. Having us as a managed service provider gives you an incredible amount of freedom.


IT Procurement Services

Identifying or custom-building specific device configurations, and advocating for pricing levels that drive value and align with the business requirements of our clients.

Remote Support Services

Our techs provide fast answers with our technology that allows us to ‘visit’ your computer and either apply fixes or make recommendations.

Deskside Support Services

If Remote Support does not provide the solution, our techs will come onsite to your computer and either apply fixes or make recommendations.

Software Support Services

Contract with us to keep your computer software at the latest levels and apply software upgrades when it is convenient for you.

Proactive Maintenance

We keep your Microsoft Windows computers healthy and secure with built-in automated proactive maintenance.

On-site Support Included

If we cannot resolve an issue remotely, we will send a technician to your office to repair it on-site.

Live helpdesk 24/7/365

Our helpdesk is available 24/7 (including weekends and holidays) ensuring your staff can get the support they need when they need it.


We can provide ongoing management of your computers and gives your users unlimited access to professional IT support whenever they need it

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Managed IT Service Provider

Ensuring that your technology is everything you need it to be, exactly when you need it, can create a huge challenge for businesses


Not only do you have the peace of mind knowing that our experts are regularly monitoring your systems for problems and resolving them before they become critical, but we also offer this service at a fixed fee.


A flat rate means that you can spend more time on growing your company, and less time on balancing your books.

It’s our job to deliver seamless, affordable Managed Services as quickly and efficiently as possible. Investment in your business technology today for a better tomorrow. Contact us today!

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Whether you’re a small business with a handful of computers, or a large business with an IT department; Bassani Tech gives your business the flexibility to outsource all of your IT support, consulting and project requirements to Bassani Tech, or outsource only certain parts and utilize internal resources or other organizations to handle the rest.

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