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Professional, quick responses. Came to the shop after hours for me. Would recommend 🙂

Shayna Briere


I have spent most of my life repurposing and recycling used stuff. Why buy new when something a little older can do the job for much less money? I just drove up from Kelowna and bought a beautiful 2015 MacBook Air from Reny. It was relatively inexpensive, well refurbed and set up. Highly recommended!

George Longden


Thank you thousand times to BASSANI TECH (Reny) to solve the severe challenge I faced with my old computer. Two technicians at a BigBox computer retailer could NOT solve the issue and gave up on it. Afterwards I got in contact with BASSANI TECH the first time and immediately I felt being in the proper hands of a highly rated professional. If somebody REALLY knows computers from all aspects (hardware and software of any kind) it is BASSANI TECH.

Reny went straight to work on the problem and I was absolutely astonished the ‘tricks’ he applied to rescue my data on the severely busted harddrive. I could ask questions and got straight forward answers and explanations. The way I got treated as a customer I would rate as “exceeding 5-stars”  and the bill I received was really reasonable.

When you are looking for a locally owned  & operated, honest, friendly and highly professional computer service company where you get good value for your money, BASSANI TECH is the absolute #1 to go with any of your computer needs ! Thank you so much again to BASSANI TECH.

Erich Pfnuer

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